Service Packages

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Starter Package

Your bike is made safe and functional


- Broad adjustments to braking and shifting

- Wheels are adjusted to avoid contact with brakes

- Chain and derailleur pivot points are oiled

Sampler Package

Your bike is finely tuned, adjusted, and oiled


- Derailleurs are dialed-in for optimal shifting

- Brakes are adjusted and tightened evenly

- Wheels are removed, and trued in fine detail

- Chain, derailleur pivot points, and cables are oiled

Full-Course Package

Sampler Package PLUS deep drivetrain clean and wax shine


- All service line items listed above are executed

- All drivetrain components (chain, cassette/freewheel, derailleurs, crankset) are removed, and degreased in our professional-grade Crest UltraSonic components cleaner

- Entire bike is cleaned with cleaning solution, and then coated with Muc-Off BikeProtect spray wax

Note: The Full-Course Package will be quoted for any estimate that includes the replacement of two or more drivetrain components (excluding cassettes/freewheels) or shift cables.

Main Entree Package

Full-Course Package PLUS full strip and total overhaul


​- All service line items listed above are executed

- Bike is fully disassembled, lubricated, greased, and waxed

- All moving parts are removed, degreased, and regreased (when applicable)

- Each and every part of the bike is meticulously checked and dialed-in

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Service Policies:

Serviced bikes that have not been picked up within two weeks after notice of completion are subject to a $2/day storage fee.


Serviced bikes that have not been picked up after two months become property of Bike Barn.

We will not service medical equipment in any way.

We will not provide service to any bike that has been modified with alternative means of acceleration (electric motors, etc.).

We will not provide service to any electric bike that is not associated with Bike Barn (Specialized, Marin)