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Service Packages

Stop by for a free estimate!

Starter (Basic Tune Up)                         $65                                                

Check bicycle for functionality and safety.  Tires properly inflated, lube chain/derailleur pivot points.  Minor adjustments of brakes & derailleurs (cable tension), on-bike wheel truing, overall bolt-check for safety (make sure cranks/pedals/cockpit are tight), 


Sampler (Standard Tune Up)                $85                                          

Finely tuned and lubricated.  Full brake & derailleur adjustments, Remove and true wheels, adjust hub bearings, lube chain & cables, light cleaning.

Full Course (Deluxe Tune Up)             $120                                                                        Sampler Tune Up plus thorough hand cleaning of crankset, chain, cassette, and derailleurs.

Main Entrée (Complete Overhaul)       $180     

Full Course Tune Up plus complete disassembly and cleaning of bicycle.  Headset, hubs, and bottom bracket overhauled (this excludes sealed bearings). Removal and thorough cleaning of crankset, chain, cassette, and derailleurs in our commercial grade ultrasonic parts cleaner. Cables changed, if needed.  Handlebars taped or grips changed if desired. 


Service Policies:

Serviced bikes that have not been picked up within two weeks after notice of completion are subject to a $2/day storage fee.


Serviced bikes that have not been picked up after two months become property of Bike Barn.

We will not service medical equipment in any way.

We will not provide service to any bike that has been modified with alternative means of acceleration (electric motors, etc.).

We will not provide service to any electric bike that is not associated with Bike Barn (Specialized, Marin)

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