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Bike Barn


Big Deal

Your new ride. Stacked with gear. No extra charge.

Starting at $2500 MSRP, any bike (Exceptions: E-Bikes, Clearance Bikes, & Used Bikes) purchased gets you store credit to be used on any extra item(s) you want.

Choosing Bike Barn means 10% of the price of your new bike goes toward anything extra you need (*exceptions include labor-see shop for full details).

How it works:
10% of the price of any new bike purchase listed $2500 or more is given back to you in store credit to be used on anything you want.* see below for details

Example: You've decided to purchase a new full suspension at $2,500. At Bike Barn, you now have $250 of store credit to spend any way you choose. Whether it's new gear, accessories, or different components, you've got $20 to get it.

Details and exceptions:
Any credit not used at the time of the purchase is placed on an account and expires one year from the purchase of the bike.
Store credit will not be given for the purchase of used/refurbished bikes, or bikes that were previously discounted.
Store credit cannot be used toward sales tax, the price of the bike, shipping that may be required for special orders, or labor charges*.
*Note: most labor charges for accessory installations, handlebar swaps, etc. are complimentary at the time of purchase. 
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